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Wits Underwater Club or as we are better known as WUC was established in 1968 this is nearly as long as Scuba Diving as a sport has been in existence.

It was during the 1960’s that the interest in space and ocean exploration was at its highest, naturally not everyone could be a part of space exploration but the oceans were all around us and offered the best alternative. With thanks to the great Jacques Cousteau, the interest and accessibility of the underwater world was right there for all enthusiastic explorers out there. The first Scuba rig was sold in 1946 and soon it was a accessible world wide, what better way for a young student to find their meaning in the world than to be part of a new and exciting adventure in scuba diving.

Scuba diving in the early days was more geared towards the extreme sportsman and their divers dived from experience and only later received any form of qualification. It has now progressed into a sport to be shared between friends and family, there is a huge amount of pleasure to be had from sharing the diving experience with a friend or loved one.

We are a student club situated in Wits University, our main objective is to offer the students of the University a diving course of the highest standards but yet keeping in mind that they are students and most of their finances are put towards their intuition and not extra mural activities. We therefor offer them the cheapest possible course at the highest standards.

WUC is a non profit club and it is the passion everyone has for scuba diving that ensures we continue to grow and to be successful as we are. Our Instructors and assistants offer up their time to instruct our courses because they have a deep passion and want to ensure that  people qualify as competent and well educated divers, this can clearly be seen in their patience and understanding. Unlike many other institutions time isn't money and we move accordingly to the individual's pace. We at WUC don't believe in clients but rather new friends and we want to ensure that all your diving experiences are pleasant and enjoyable so that you stay with our club.

We belong to CMAS which is recognised world wide and was founded by the great Jacques Cousteau. CMAS is also a non profit organisation. CMAS unlike any of the other institutions such as PADI and NAUI are best suited for our diving environment which includes fresh water and diving at altitude here in Gauteng. CMAS is also the preferred organisation for most of the technical community.

We have a clubhouse where we meet every Thursday, it is situated across from the Matrix overlooking the pool in the campus, we usually are open from 17:00 until late. Our equipment room is open until 20:00 for those who wish to rent  or return some gear. It also gives our members and guests the opportunity to catch up with old friends or to meet a few more new ones and you can see what trips are being planned or even to initiate a new one.

To accommodate the amount of members, we have around about 40 complete sets of gear and we offer airfills to those who have their own. We always have more than enough gear to rent out so you won't have that as an excuse not to join one of the many trips on offer. Derrick and Tony run our equipment room and are qualified to offer assistance and advise at any time.

We are also extremely honoured to have the world record holders men and womens depth record holders. Nuno Gomes holds the records for the deepest cave and open water dives and Verna van Schaik holds the deepest cave and depth record for women.

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